Undoubtedly the most critical role in Anadolu Rulman's success is "our qualified human resources" adopted core values.


We accept our responsibility in the fulfillment of the work required, to protect our systems, to help improve the development and competencies of our staff, in our work we use the company's resources efficiently and effectively, considering the success of the company. Not only we make sure the job is done right, we also conduct our activities in accordance with the benefits that adds to the company.

Working with team spirit

We welcome teamwork and we recognize different ideas as the best way to achieve added value. With this understanding in the framework of the process-oriented approach we strive to expand and develop in line with company objectives. Strengthening the sense of accomplishment as a team, we share our experiences and disseminate successful practices.

Continuous improvement

We realize that we need to be flexible in order to get ahead of the competition and to easily adapt to rapidly evolving technology and changing market conditions. Our flexibility is based on continuous improvement. To ensure continuous improvement we don’t look at learning as just consuming readily available information from external sources, we would also like to obtain information from different sources using a variety of tools with a systematic approach. By interpreting this information, we develop and implement in a way to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of our products.

Creative thinking

We focus on recognizing problems, thinking differently, developing solutions and creating new ideas based on our existing knowledge. We believe that Anadolu Rulmans continued existence is due to the creative thinking and to innovative approach.

Work safety and environmental awareness

We adopted as our duty to act in the accordance with guidelines and standards in work safety and health of workers as well as environmental and quality regulations. We identify the potential risks in everything we do, we take all necessary measures to ensure our security and the security of our environment.