Honesty is having what we think, what we say and we do to be in harmony.

2. Trust

Our relationships with all stakeholders is carried out with mutual respect and trust.

3.Respect for employees and human rights

Approaching employees with honesty and fairness and creating a safe and healthy work environment.

Ensuring the personal development of employees, supporting the participation in the activities carried with the awareness of social responsibility, working to ensure a balance between work life and private life.

4.Environmental awareness

Abiding by the laws, regulations and standards relating to the protection of the environment, ensuring sensitivity to the environment.


In addition to our legal responsibilities; paying attention to fulfill our obligations to our stakeholders in a timely and consistent manner.


Securing the confidentiality of all information relating to our company and our stakeholders and preserving privacy.

 7.Compliance with the law

Complying with all relevant and current laws.