Process Improvement

As a member of Rumenti Group that has more than 60 years experience, ART’s process improvement projects include; to minimise waste and resource consumption, to manufacture high quality products, remove inefficiency, to ensure health and safety for company’s employees, to fully meet customers’ requirements and expectations

Productivity Improvement

Productivity improvement requires; right product and service, high quality, ideal resorces, ideal time and speed, less waste and cost, continuous improvement, new techniqes, minimum effort and maximum productivity.

5S Studies

Applying 5S principles; waste becomes visible, increases control over equipment and work area, increases motivation and encourages for team work, increases quality values, increases added value on each item. 5S methodology targets awaraness among employees to set up an improvement minded companies. 5S is a simple and easily applicaple system that increases efficiency in quality, stock control, machine performance, motivation and more. To achieve more we apply 5S system in our company.