New Product development  
This departmant works aimed at increasing the knowledge store consisted of culture and the knowledge of people and society, improves itself in the fields of technology and science. It is focused on realising these goals. Department’s outputs are genuine, endued with experimental and technical content. It aims to develop new products and materials which rise upon the knowledge store acquired by both researches and practical experiences. This service department combines creative and systematically executed studies, software operations and environmentally suitable product designs with experienced engineer staff it already includes, laboratory and high technology machines and equipments of modern day in order to make them available for designing new processes, systems and applications. 

New product concept in ART includes the products which are able to create a market for itself, products that do the same work but can be manufactured in a cheaper way and priced lower. İmproving studies for the process of an existing product, rearrangement studies of an old product . It carries out new product devolopment projects using Autocad, Creo, Ansys, SAP, Minitab and Office programs in accordance with customers’ expectations and satisfaction  

Tübitak project

We have two ongoing projects in company with Tübitak that supports Turkey based and added value creating institutions’ qualified, innovative research and development projects within the frames of international definitions and concepts to bring the ability of technology development and institutional research in our country’s industry and make it contributional to universal technology. After all of the projects are completed we receieved a thank you note which states the projects conduced national gain. Besides this great honour the satisfaction of our customers and the purchase orders which are the return of this satisfaction increase profitability of our company in the market and play an important role in enhancing our copmpany’s competitiveness.

Patent Development

Patent, is more important for developing countries, expecially the technology is the transfer device.

In this context, ART attaches great importance to factors like innovation, surpassing known techniques and industrial feasibility. Patent development is important for us, as ART we follow technology closely and innovations which are impelemented by our research and development department. Consequently, all the patent development projects are provided with continuity as research and development studies are important for ART.