With the concious of human resources is a source of success human resources policies that would contribute to each Anadolu Rulman employee’s personal and vocational development and constitute a sustainable learning environment are applied.

Under the leadership of the company’s management these policies follows;

To attract, employ, develop, retain the right  people to the company, operate them with high motivation and enable them to display high performance as an individual and a team.

To ensure that they are ready for more important missons in the company’s development and expansion strategies.

To ensure the effectiveness of interior communication.

To reinforce the sense of belonging.

To make respect for human dominant.

To increase the joy of working for the company. 

To ensure effectiveness of the human resources systems and applications and improve them as they realise the goals, missions and strategies of the company. 

To make the company serve as model in human resources area.

To discover the leadership skills,  improve and maintain them systematically and continuosly.

To ensure that efficient and proper leaders are trained and improved within the company. To maintain the company’s culture and philosopy of the job as well as improving them.