As Anadolu Rulman human resources, with the support of our employees, we embrace the goal to be a company in which contribution and variety are valuable,  mutual trust and respect have an important place.

We can define our human resources policy as ensuring the continuous improvement, motivation and the devotion to Anadolu Rulman family of the qualified human resources we have.

We structure our all human resources policies so that an environment in which the employees contributes to mutual goals too,creativity and continuous improvement are valued could be constituted. 

As realising the strategic goals of our company giving chances to our employees to enable improvement for their own is one of the key elements of our human resources policies.

With this conscious our goals are to be an important company in the world, attain qualified human resources that contibute the activities of our company, improve them in personal and vocational ways, to structure effective human resources systems that increase the happiness and productivity of our employees in the direction of the company’s goals, to maintain these and to reach a better future applying human resources policies that are embraced by employees and suitable for  the international standards.